BryanPlace of Birth: Abington (Philadelphia), PA
Current Residence: Harlem, NY
Favorite Footy Team: Magpies (NY & Collingwood)
Best Thing About Being a Coach: The moment practiced skills become instinct, when individual development translates into team success, and to be accepted among this crew of awesome ladies.
Position: Ladies’ Assistant Coach, Men’s Full Back, & Club Recruitment Manager
Aspirations: Teach, entertain, dance like a moron
Favorite Drink: 6pm – Old Fashioned/Manhattan, 3am – Yuengling/PBR
Favorite Food: Cheesesteak with onions and sweet peppers
Favorite Movie: The Quiet Man
Most Favorite Thing: Applause
Random Piece of Info: The beard has magical powers.

**Bryan was the Magpies’ Rookie of the Year in 2011.

Ciara LehaneName: Ciara Lehane, or “You’re Dan’s Sistah”
Place of Birth: The BX
Current Residence: Sometimes Yonkers, but usually the 4 train
Favorite Footy Team: The Magpies
Position: Anywhere, just not the Ruck
Favorite Food: Mudbugs with a side of mac and cheese and cornbread
Favorite Drink: Red Breast Whiskey, neat
Favorite Movie: Anchorman
Most Favorite Thing: Parades
Aspirations: Pay back student loans, visit New Orleans
Random Bit of Info: My political crush is Cory Booker.

559556_3859459567340_1070041080_nName: Em aka Royer the Destroyer (legal name Emily Bennett)
Position: That’s really personal (Midfield/Rover)
Aspirations: To run the length of the field without wanting to throw up. Learn how to whistle.
Drinks: Coffee, dirty martinis and the tears of my opponents.
Food: Nachos. ALL OF THE NACHOS.
Movie: The Shining, Death Proof, Bridesmaids, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (a cinematic thriller)
Favorite thing(s): Drunch, kicking things (footballs, orange cones and snowbanks are my top 3)
Random Fact(s): I play Australian Rules Football. I am TERRIFIED of moths. When I was 12, someone told me I looked like Taylor Hanson of the Hanson Brothers. I have yet to recover.

jjm_picPlace of Birth: Adelaide, South Australia.
Current Residence: Hoboken, NJ.
Favorite Footy Team: Adelaide Crows.
Favorite thing about being the Coach: Working with newcomers to the game and watching their skills develop.
Aspirations: To be 6ft tall. I’m still waiting for my second growth spurt.
Favorite Drink: Whisky and whiskey.
Favorite Food: I can practically inhale burger rings.
Favorite Movie: Transformers – the 1986 cartoon version.
Most Favorite Thing: It’d have to be my little boy (although my answer may change day to day depending on how much sleep he gave us the night before).
Random Piece of Info: I have a PhD in mathematics … because maths, that’s why.

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